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Key Features

  • $10 Per Month
  • No Cost To Send Emails
  • Affordable SMS Text Message and Postcard Credits
  • No Setup Fees or Contracts
  • Accept Credit Cards Payments*
  • Seamlessly Integrates with StudioCloud's Free Business Management Software

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* Requires Merchant Warehouse Learn More About Merchant Warehouse

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Billing

Are there any other fees besides the monthly fee?

If you just want to have CloudAlerts send personalized emails then there are no other fees. If you want to send sms text messages or have postcards printed and mailed for you there is a cost for each one of those.

I have other paid for services with StudioCloud. How does that work?

StudioCloud only has one monthly subscription for all of our services. As such if you subscribe to get CloudAlerts you will be billed at the exact same time as the other services are billed. The sms text message credits and the postcard credits are not associated with your subscription. You will have to buy them separate from your subscription.

How do the credits work?

In order to send sms text messages or have postcards printed and mailed for you you must first purchase credits. After you have purchased credits CloudAlerts will send sms text messages and print and mail postcards. Each time a sms text message is sent or a postcard is printed and mailed your credit balance is deducted for each on.

Can you autocharge my account for credits?

Unfortunately, the ability to auto-charge your account as soon as your credit balance gets below a certain amount is not currently available.

Can I get a refund for the credits I purchased

StudioCloud does not provide refunds for purchased credits.

Questions About Email Messages

How much does it cost to send email messages?

There is no cost to send an email message from CloudAlerts.

What email address will the emails be sent from?

CloudAlerts uses the default email settings you enter into StudioCloud to send out the emails. As such the emails are sent from the email account that you provide CloudAlerts and so you can decide what email address it is sent from.

How many email messages can I send?

The numbers of emails that you can send depends upon your email provider. Many email providers allow about 500 emails per day although that number can vary greatly depending on your email provider. Check with them to learn how many emails they allow per day.

Should I use StudioCloud to do email blasts?

While we do not have any enforcement in place to limit the number of emails that you can send to clients we recommend that you use a third party to send lots of emails to clients since there is a possibility that your emails could be marked as spam.

SMS Text MessageS

How much does it cost to send an sms text message?

Please refer to our pricing page for the cost to purchase sms text message credits.

How long can the text message be?

The text message is limited to 160 characters per message.

What happens if my customer responds to the text message?

CloudAlerts does not currently support responding to text messages and, as such, CloudAlerts ignores all responses to text messages with the exception of unsubscribe requests.

What happens if they reply with "unsubscribe", "stop", "cancel", or "quit"?

If a customer sends the above text messages, which are industry standard requests to not receive any more text messages, CloudAlerts will no longer send them text messages. If they, at a later time, reply with the text message of "Start" or "Yes" they will receive future sms text messages.

Can I send video or picture sms text messages?

CloudAlerts currently only supports text messages.

Is my country supported for sms text messages?

CloudAlerts can send text messages to all carriers in the United States and Canada. For a list of carriers that we support outside of those countries please click here.

How do I format the sms text messages?

CloudAlerts can send text messages in the United States based upon area code or E.164 number format. Outside of the United States all phone numbers must be in the E.164 number format. For more information please click here.

Printed & Mailed Postcards

How long does it take for a postcard to arrive?

It can take between 3 to 10 business days for a postcard to be printed, mailed, and to arrive at your customers home.

What does the postcard look like?

To view a pdf example of what the printed postcard looks like click here.