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Key Features

  • $10 Per Month
  • No Cost To Send Emails
  • Affordable SMS Text Message and Postcard Credits
  • No Setup Fees or Contracts
  • Accept Credit Cards Payments**
  • Seamlessly Integrates with StudioCloud's Free Business Management Software

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* Requires Merchant Warehouse Learn More About Merchant Warehouse

How To USe CloudAlerts

Customize CloudAlerts To Meet Your Needs

CloudAlerts can be customized to meet your business needs. Below are a few examples of common CloudAlerts usage.

Common Email Usage

Appointment Reminder Email

Clients will often either forgot about their appointment or forgot what they need to bring to the appointment. A lot of CloudAlerts customers like to have an email sent out a day before their appointment with details about the appointment.

Pro Tip: To identify what needs to be included in the email keep track of what customers call and ask before their appointment then add the answer to the email. Keep doing this until you hav all their questions included in the email.

Payment Due Email

If you do payment plans this reminder is a great way to encourage customers to pay their outstanding balances.

Pro Tip: If you have a merchant warehouse account you can also have the email include a link where the customer can pay for their bill online.

Order, Project, or Task Deadline Email

By using CloudAlerts you can have an email reminder sent to you or your employees a few days before or after a deadline to help you remember to do it.

Pro Tip: If you use task templates you can have the deadlines automatically assigned by StudioCloud

Common SMS Text Message USage

Appointment Reminders

Make sure those clients show up at the right time. Send a sms text message reminder to them an hour or two before their appointment.

Pro Tip: Combine the sms text message reminders with the email reminders to decrease your no shows even more.

Order, Project, or Task Deadline

If you or your employees need a quick reminder of an approaching deadline the sms text message reminders work great.

Pro Tip: You can also manually send a sms text message to another employee. This is helpful if you finished your part of the job and the other employee now needs to do their part.

Common Postcard Usage

Happy Birthday/Anniversary Postcard

What better way to build relationships then to have a personalized birthday or anniversary card delivered to them each year.

Pro Tip: Include a discount for them or for their friends and family on the card to help increase sales.