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Key Features

  • $10 Per Month
  • No Cost To Send Emails
  • Affordable SMS Text Message and Postcard Credits
  • No Setup Fees or Contracts
  • Accept Credit Cards Payments**
  • Seamlessly Integrates with StudioCloud's Free Business Management Software

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** Requires Merchant Warehouse Learn More About Merchant Warehouse


CloudAlerts by StudioCloud provides you with a powerful automated communications platform which can personalize messages for you and send them out at the desired time by email, sms text message, and/or printed postcards.

CloudAlerts By StudioCloud uses the information you have already entered into StudioCloud's free business management software to send out personalized messages to your clients or your employees.

Some examples of personalized messages that can automatically be sent to your clients are text or email appointment reminders, anniversary or bithday special offers, order pickup notifications, welcome packages, and much more.

Some examples of personalized messages that can automatically be sent to your employees are appointment reminders, project deadline reminders, task deadline reminders, order deadline reminders, and client follow up reminders.

The CloudAlerts Manager lets you quickly and easily customize your alert messages.

Using the CloudAlerts Manager, which is included as a Cloud Service in StudioCloud's free business management software, you can have your CloudAlerts live and operational with just a few clicks of a button.


Feature spotlight

No More "I Forgot I Had An Appointment" Excuses

Having your clients show up on time and prepared for an appointment is essentially to maximizing your businesses profit. To help reduce your "No Shows" StudioCloud has multiple features built into it to remind them that their appointments are due.

Below are some suggestions of how you could use StudioCloud to reduce your "No Shows". Please note that the following examples are only examples and that you can customize CloudAlerts to meet your specific needs.

Send SMS Text Message Appointment Reminder

Have CloudAlerts automatically send a personalized text message to your client an hour before the appointment as a reminder of the appointment.

Send Email Appointment Reminder

Have CloudAlerts automatically send a personalized email to your client a day before their appointment with instructions on what they need to do or bring for the appointment.

Print and Mail A Predesigned Postcard

When scheduling an appointment have StudioCloud print and mail a predesigned postcard to your client with your contain information on it as well as their appointment details.